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When opening a new restaurant there are a lot of different expenses that need to be taken account for. One area that often gets forgotten about when planning an initial budget is the restaurant ventilation system. Temperatures in a restaurant kitchen can reach over 100 degrees. Having a well-designed restaurant ventilation system will make sure that your employees don’t have to deal with the heat and significantly lower fire risks. An adequate system will also include ventilation in the dining areas of your establishment to help keep paying customers happy as well.

Restaurant ventilation is often a complex system with a number of different parts that will become a part of the building’s infrastructure. The following is a list of the different parts with a description of each part’s role in the system.

The Kitchen Hood

The kitchen hood is where all of the grease and vapors that are coming off of your grill are collected. Most kitchen hoods have a variety of settings that control how much suction is being used. With these controls kitchen managers can change the intensity of the suction depending on the time of day. This is a great way to save on energy as well as account for times when there is a lot of cooking going on in the kitchen.

Duct Work

The duct work of a ventilation system is where all the air being taken in by the kitchen hood is brought. Any grease or cooking vapors are brought through the duct work to be deposited outdoors.


Normally a few different fans must be used to move air sucked up by the kitchen hood through the ductwork. Fans can be placed in discrete locations so they will not get in the way and be easily cleaned. There also needs to be a fan that provides make-up air to replace the air being taken from the kitchen by the hood.

A well working system of ventilation will help make your restaurant comfortable for both customers and employees. Customers are far more likely to return to and recommend a restaurant that they felt comfortable in. Call Metro Vent Cleaning today to learn more about cleaning a system of ventilation.