Loads of incorrect information is circulated in the market regarding HVAC cleaning that affect the decisions regarding cleaning HVAC systems. Your cleaning decision should not be based on these myths because they will cause wrong results.

The question is, how can you know what is truth and what is false? The best way to know the truth is to contact an HVAC expert. That person will be able to tell you the truth. In addition to this, you should check the manual you received with your HVAC system that will provide you valuable information about the model you are using.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some wrong information spread about HVAC cleaning.


Myth #1 —You should think about HVAC cleaning when you notice dirt in the ducts.


You should not wait until the dust and debris become visible and clean your HVAC system at least once a year because over time, dust, debris, and pollens create their thick layers that block the airflow, mix with the air, create a dirty environment in the home, and spread allergies.


Myth #2 — You should think about HVAC cleaning only if you are using air conditioners


The air-conditioners with dirty air-ducts spread dust and debris in the home. Therefore, their ducts need to be cleaned timely, but other HVAC systems as well collect airborne pollutants and need timely cleaning; otherwise, they can pollute the inside air in your home.


Myth #3 — You can stop bacteria growth in your HVAC systems by using a dehumidifier.


The best way to prevent bacterial growth is to clean your HVAC systems timely. Other ways are not much successful.


Myth #4 —HVAC systems need chemical based cleaning every time.


There is no truth in it. It is your duct cleaner who will decide what type of cleaning is required.


We provide commercial HVAC cleaning including duct cleaning. Don’t trust the myths that you heard about HVAC cleaning and contact us to find out if your HVAC systems need cleaning or not.