vancouver metro vent cleaning services kitchenNo matter the type of cooking being done, a restaurant kitchen poses a significant fire risk. For restaurants that are serious about safety this means that fire safety standards must be constantly maintained. A kitchen fire can be disastrous to your paying customers, employees, and business. A kitchen fire can occur at anytime. The fires are costly and many times the affected businesses are unable to recover. Preventing a catastrophic fire from hurting your business starts with making sure your kitchen has the best restaurant ventilation system in place as possible.

Having an efficient restaurant ventilation system will eliminate excess grease, smoke, odors, and gases from your kitchen. This is done by installing a kitchen exhaust hood over your cooking appliances to take in any contaminated air that is being created by your cooking. Without the kitchen hood functioning properly flammable substances will build up in your kitchen, significantly raising the chance of a kitchen fire. Grease accumulation causes over 20 percent of all restaurant fires. Keeping your kitchen as grease-free as possible will help prevent costly restaurant fires.

A restaurant ventilation system must be properly cleaned and maintained after it is installed to guarantee it will continue to do its job. Over time grease will build up in the hood and duct work and must be cleaned out to keep the ventilation system working as efficiently as possible. The grease buildup in the system is flammable and can ignite at anytime. Metro Vent Cleaning offers hood cleanings so restaurants can be sure their ventilation is up to code and keeping their kitchens clean.