A clean restaurant is something that customers value and many restaurant owners take pride in. The dining area is the most important area to keep clean as that is where your patrons will actually be. After that comes the chef’s station in the kitchen, chefs appreciate and work better in a clean organized environment. Keeping both your dining area and kitchen space spotless would seem to be the best way to have your restaurant be the cleanest but there is another place to clean that can have a bigger effect on your space than most realize.

A kitchen’s exhaust hood and ventilation system are two of the most essential pieces to a clean restaurant. This is where any vapors coming off of your grill get sucked up and released outdoors. Having a properly working system of ventilation is the best way to keep any odors from the kitchen from reaching the dining area and have your restaurant smelling fresh. Over time, however, the grease and grime that is taken into the exhaust hood will start to build up.

Once your exhaust hood begins to get backed up you won’t be able to hide all of the odors coming from your kitchen. The stale smell of grease, smoke and old food will first permeate into your kitchen. A little of the disgusting odor will be carried with each plate of food brought from the kitchen into your dining area. Eventually the smell will be everywhere, the walls, the carpet and tables. Your restaurant will no longer seem like the cleanest place in town.

Unclean hoods also present fire risks due to the grease buildup. Because of this health inspectors pay close attention to the state of your exhaust system and are quick to give fines and recommend improvements that could be made.

In order to avoid the pitfalls that come along with an unclean restaurant the best thing to do is have your exhaust hood cleaned regularly. A professional cleaning service can come to your restaurant and make sure everything is up to par with area health and building codes. They can even give you some advice on how to prevent so much grease from building up and schedule regular times to come clean the ventilation system in your restaurant. Call Metro Vent Cleaning to get your exhaust hood cleaned today!