In any business, first impressions are everything. First impressions are especially important for restaurants. In the restaurant business, these first impressions are usually classified under the term of ambiance. There is plenty of competition out there and numerous choices for hungry customers. With a proper ventilation system, your restaurant can stand out more than your competition and master the art of ambiance and cleanliness.

The first line of introduction isn’t the hostess. The first line of introduction is when the customer opens the door and sets foot in your restaurant. Before customers even get to the hostess, they are already diligently looking around and judging your restaurant. What does the space look like? How clean is it? How does the food look? They are putting all of their five senses to work. Within seconds they’ve already made a decision internally whether or not they would like to dine with you and support your business. The brain works pretty quickly!

Two important senses in this equation are sight and smell. Think about it from a customer’s standpoint. What happens when they first open that door and what they see is described as restaurant that is smoggy and stale? What happens if the first thing they smell is a horrible stench. Cleanliness has a strong relationship with making other people happy. All of the sense pathways have direct access to an area of your brain that is responsible for emotion.

A professionally installed ventilation system offers your restaurant the upper hand when it comes to instantly grabbing your customer’s attention. With the proper system of ventilation in place a restaurant will be clean and presentable all the time. A kitchen hood placed above your cooking appliances will suck up any grease-filled and odorous air right off the top of your grill and transport it outdoors through the system’s ductwork. The air removed will then be replaced with fresh air brought in from outdoors.

Having an adequate ventilation system in place and regularly scheduling cleaning for it, will prevent any obnoxious smells from ever reaching your dining area as well as keep your entire establishment comfortable. A cleaned ventilation system can completely rejuvenate the look and feel of a restaurant. At Metro Vent Cleaning, we are dedicated to making your restaurant a pleasant place to dine in and work in. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you and your business. Give us a call today!