Kitchen ventilation is an often overlooked part of any restaurant kitchen. The ventilation will suck up any smells, vapors and hot air coming off of a grill through the kitchen hood. The unwanted air will then be brought outside and replaced with fresh air. A well ventilated kitchen is a more pleasurable place to work and prepare food in.

Restaurant kitchen ventilation has to deal with grease, smoke and other odors not found in many other ventilation systems. Because of this, restaurant ventilation requires the use of a kitchen hood and filtering system to accommodate the amount of air being ventilated.

A good kitchen ventilation system will:

  • be able to remove fumes coming off of cooking equipment as close to the equipment as possible
  • replace hot air that is present in the kitchen with fresh air from outdoors
  • allow staff and customers to be comfortable
  • be able to be easily cleaned
  • not make to much noise or cause any disturbance

The system will help moderate the temperature inside your establishment all year long, allowing you to save on heating and cooling costs. Having an adequately ventilated restaurant will also ensure that your dining area and kitchen smell fresh and no disgusting odors of old food from the kitchen will be left in your building.

The most important benefits of a properly running kitchen ventilation system is the reduced risk of fire. The ventilation will suck up any combustible grease and vapors so they won’t be left near an open flame. The system will, however, need to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove any grease or grime buildup that will occur in the ductwork. With Metro Vent Cleaning you can schedule regular cleanings to keep your ventilation system in top shape. Contact us today!