vancouver metro vent cleaning services kitchenA restaurant hood exhaust system is more important to the daily operations and safety of a commercial kitchen than you might think. A commercial kitchen ventilation system will help keep your restaurant cleaner, customers happier and significantly reduce the risk of fire at your establishment.

What exactly does a commercial kitchen hood do?

A commercial kitchen hood is installed directly above any cooking appliances in your commercial kitchen. Once in place the hood will suck up any greasy or contaminated air coming off of your cooking appliances. It will then move the contaminated air through the systems ductwork and deposit it outside while replacing it with fresh make-up air.

Why is having a properly installed system of ventilation so important?

A properly installed system of ventilation has a number of benefits. It will keep your restaurant much cleaner because the air won’t be saturated with grease and odors of old food. A cleaner restaurant will lead to more focused employees and happier customers. Keeping the air in your commercial kitchen from getting too greasy will also lower the risk of a kitchen fire from occurring.

Do I need to have a restaurant hood system in place?

A commercial kitchen is required by law to have a kitchen hood in place due to fire safety concerns.

What do I need to do to maintain the system?

To make sure the ventilation system is working as efficiently as it can you must be sure to clean it following the schedule outlined in the NFPA96. Different types of restaurants need different types of ventilation and the frequency in which they need to be cleaned will vary as well.