vancouver metro vent cleaning services restaurantA restaurant’s sanitation is one of the most important elements of attracting more customers as well as retaining the ones you’ve already won over. Diners are far more comfortable eating in an establishment they consider to be clean. Customers are also far more likely to tell a friend about a restaurant they feel is up to their standard for cleanliness. With the benefits of maintaining a tidy establishment in focus restaurants all over are stepping up their game to make sure their establishment could be considered the cleanest in town.

The best way to ensure your restaurant stays as clean as possible is with a professionally installed restaurant ventilation system. A ventilation system is comprised of a hood placed over your cooking equipment, ductwork throughout your building to move air outdoors and a makeup air fan that will provide replacement air for the air removed through the hood. There are a number of different options available for each of these parts so you can get a system put together to match your restaurants needs. Different types of restaurants have different ventilation requirements that need to be accounted for before getting your ventilation installed.

Once the system is in place, your restaurant will feel noticeably cleaner. When working at full capacity, the kitchen hood will suck up any air coming off your grill and pull it through the ductwork and deposit it outdoors. Fresh makeup air will then be brought into your kitchen by the makeup air fan. Having a system like this in place will ensure that any grease vapors and disgusting odors that are coming from your kitchen won’t find their way into your dining area where they can turn customers away.

Getting a professionally installed ventilation system is a great start to running a clean restaurant but the work doesn’t stop there. Restaurant owners need to schedule regular kitchen hood cleanings where any grease buildup that has occurred over time can get removed. Having a regularly scheduled cleaning is the best way to have your ventilation operating at maximum capacity as well as significantly lower the risks of a restaurant fire. Grease is highly flammable and having a lot of it backed up in your ductwork so close to an open flame is never a good idea. Getting your ventilation regularly cleaned is the best practice for all kinds of restaurants. Call us today to schedule a cleaning!